Informations about the stapler

Do you need a state of the art tool? Then you need to check out the DEWALT DWFP12232 stapler. This stapler uses 1/4’’’ to 11/2’’ staples with a gauge narrow crown is quite stressing when you are trying to fix a loosely hanging nail on the wall to no avail. This might be to the fact that you are not using the right tool for the job. If you ever considered adding a top of the notch tool to your inventory then you should consider taking a look at the stapler reviews below.

DEWALT DWFP12232 is ideally suited for many application and has become indispensable in many workshop with its ability to drive crown staples of different length. It’s a maintenance free tool so be assured of a long career. The staple gun does not restrict you to shorter 1’’ staples which are very common in the market today. With its light weight body made of magnesium it makes using this stapler a pleasurable experience and also reduces fatigue. The stapler comes with a textured, anti-slip rubber grip that is very comfortable and it ensures that your hand does not lose its is also integrated with a low staple window that is located at the front of the magazine this ensure that with a quick glance you will know when it’s time to reload.

BOSTITCH prides themselves in quality and they build their tools to perform and also last forever. The BOSTITCH SL1838BC is designed to secure felts, foam insulation, house wraps and other thin materials. It fires a 1’’ diameter cap together with the staple. This gives the user extra holding power with the least chance of punching through the material. It feature a unique dial a depth adjustment system; this allows the user to have precise control without need of compressor adjustment. It has an integrated belt hook, oil free drive system, and a light design which makes this tool worth of a legendary name.

The following stapler reviews of BOSTITCH SL1838BC will make you discover how amazing this tool is: it has an internal air filter that ensures maximum reliability, it is integrated with a selectable trigger that converts from sequential into contact operation, its adjustable depth of drives ensures that the staples are set to their desired depths more conveniently, its magazine capacity is 160 staples and the stapler has a driving capacity of 170 in-Lbs. be assured that the fasteners cap method; works incredibly fast than nailing by hand

Informations about the nailers

Nailer is a device used to drive nails in to wood or other surfaces with less manual work. The following article contains nailer reviews of two popular brands – Bostitch RN46-1, Hitachi NV65AH.

Bostitch RN46-1 Nailer

Being a product from a reputed brand, Bostitch RN46-1 Nailer is easy to use with minimal technical knowledge.Made up of lightweight magnessium housing with strong wear guards and carbide inserts proves that this product is capable of providing long lasting performance. An exra special feature includes the dry lockout system prevents firing from an empty cartridge. This nail can be used with fiber cement, insulation board and dry walls.

High nailing power is another specialty of the machine allowing usage for various surfaces and also for delivering 100 s of nails per minute.The integrated contact motion feature makes it easier to use on larger surfaces.

Design features.

To meet professional needs, the product is comprised of two different firing methods – 1.Contact trip 2.Sequential trip. Contact trip is perfect for large roofed areas whereas sequential trip offers high level of precision. Nails with sizes ranging from 3/4″ to 1-3/4″ inches can be used for the cartridge. Cartridge can contain up to 120 coil nails at a time thereby saving time. Open and close feature helps to save time and continue work without any delay.

BOSTITCH RN46-1 Is the ideal nailer if you have a lot of work that you have to get through efficiently. It has been well designed and comes with great comfort for the user.

Hitachi NV65AH Nailer.

An industry grade tool from a company which specializes in manufacturing power tools.Ideal for those who require a pneumatic tool with impressive performance capabilities.Best suitable for fencing, decking , roof sheathing and siding activities.Comes with a compact rubber handle which provides excellent grip allowing you to work for hours without strain.

The plastic shield covering enhances safety of the user.Like other nailers this one too has two individual firing options named Rapid firing and Precision firing. Rapid firing mode concentrates on fastening as many nails as possible for covering large surfaces and precision mode to construct mobile homes or for small surfaces. You will have control over every shot as the trigger is made up of heavy duty steel and has high depth control.

Key features

User friendly design. It is a product designed with maximum maneuverability. Extreme light weight technology helps you easily hold it within your wrists. The trigger is readily accessible with sturdy plastic cover on firing nose as well as magazine ack adds additional safety layer for users.The nailer can contain up to 300 nails at once.Nail sizes ranging from 1-1/2” to 2-1/2” inches can be fitted inside the nailer.An easy depth control system is also integrated with the nailer.

The Hitachi NV65AH nailer is a very good option for the professional that needs a powerful tool which will also give them the reliability for heavy usage over long periods of time

Impact wenchs

If you are searching for a top impact wrench under $200.00, the NitroCat 1200-K is the way to go. This impact wrench is very pocket friendly and provides a few premium features found only in more expensive wrenches as seen in other impact wrench reviews.

For example, the design is very ergonomic, which lowers strain your hand. In addition, you get to enjoy one of the fastest use experiences you can even imagine in a high powered impact wrench. Moreover, an exhaust system that runs via the handle keeps particles from blowing into your face when using it.

Kevlar material
To provide better durability, the surface of NitroCat is made of Kevlar – the material used to produce bullet proof surface shell. Kevlar material is tough and strong thus ensures the use of the gadget for a very long time without breaking down.

The machine relieves stress and fatigue on your hands. Its ergonomic handle design spreads the weight of the gadget on your hand making it more balance. In addition, the handle has a simple grip making it easier to handle when in use. Finally, NitroCat 1200-K lowers the overall operation sound with it unique technology.

DEWALT DCF889B ReviewAs you will find in other impact wrench reviews, DEWALT DCF889B is made of tough magnesium case as well as a metallic transmission mechanism. In addition, this gadget features ergonomic design and a variable speed trigger. The producer focused making this device suited to heavy task jobs.

This impact wrench is designed for perform demanding jobs such as plumbing work, automotive work, home remodeling job, as well as general repair and maintenance. Its variable speed set off means that you can easily adjust it to various jobs, and its durability is a plus to this capability.

Designed for performanceAlthough impact wrenches may seem very standard, DEWALT has done a good job in designing functional and helpful features into this wrench. This give you an unbelievable amount of power over amount of torques being applied to the nuts or bolts and assist you to make sure that it is not broken during fastening.

Advantages Its ergonomic handle offers you with superior control and comfort while the variable speed set off with electric brake offers you better control. The LED light offers you with better view when operating in dark places. Its magnesium gear case as well as all metal transmission offers extended durability.

Impact drivers

Save your money and time with the best impact drivers reviews in the market,the Makita XDT01 and PORTER-CABLE PCE201 are proven beyond any reasonable doubt to be the most productive and compatible cordless impact drivers that are perfectly good for tradesman who work in fixing lag bolts,cabinet screws among other mechanical tasks.Below are some features that make this two impact drivers of quality and most use by tradesmen:

Best fastening control.

Unlike other impact drivers which normally produce a poor fastening control,this ones are good and can fasten any bolts without much straining and waste of time,many mechanics prefer to use them just to save on time and for quality and accurate fastening,with this impact drivers you can do more works with less manpower in the shortest time possible.

Rechargeable and lasting batteries.

They come with one lithium ion battery which can be recharge with power when it runs out and this batteries has a very amazing extended battery life that means you do not have to recharge them every now and then,once recharge it can take your through most of the works thus saving you time.The best way to ensure that your batteries last for long is to recharge it when it has completely run out but if you recharge it when half use then it might not last for long,this impact drivers batteries also takes the shortest time charge.

Adjustable speed.

It has a three speed power selection which aids in achieving a good and faster speed when being used,the adjustable cordless is good for any impact drivers because it saves on time and gives exact fixing and tightening of screws and bolts.Its speed trigger and the reverse gear that it has makes it unique.


You can get any of this two impact drivers at the sharpest price ever and despite the unique features that they hold they still do not cost you much money and this pocket friendly price has actually seen it get highly bought by many tradesmen out day for their day to day activities.

Multipurpose and easy to use.

They can be use for different varieties of work and this machines are easy to handle and very light making them very portable and requires less energy.

In conclusion,this Makita XDT01 and PORTER-CABLE PCE201 are excellent tools for all technicians who want to do a quality work and increase their productivity,therefore if you want accuracy and quality then buy the highly rated machine with five stars with the best price.

All about Routers

The Bosch 1617EVSPK has a 2.25 horse motor. To keep the motor safe, the company encased it in a quality magnesium housing. Another popular feature is its variable speeds. The router can operate at six different speeds.

The user can set the level anywhere between 8,000 and 25, 000 RPMs. The soft start motor is much quieter than other comparable machines. The Bosch router has a patented Constant-Response Circuitry. This ensures that the tool is always able to work at a constant speed.

The adaptability of the Bosch does not end with speed. This remarkable machine can accommodate drill bits of various sizes. Compare that to the smaller Dewalt router ( Dewalt DWP611pk ), which can only use a bit.

Professional Cordless Drill: Bosch 1617EVSPK. The 18-volt lithium-ion Bosch 1617EVSPK driver-drill along with -inch toss is usually encouraged within more opinions when compared with any lithium-ion cord-less soccer drills speed. It is the existing pro version inside the lithium-ion line, and the 3. 0-amp-hour battery power provide prolonged runtime. The particular Bosch 1617EVSPK provides 3 speeds weighed against a pair of about the 15. 6-volt Bosch 1617EVSPK, as well as has a extended extended warranty. The particular Makita makes use of lithium-ion battery power, which carry their impose considerably longer among makes use of, are anticipated to help be preserved longer as well as work on entire capability even when the particular battery pack ends. The leading negative aspect is usually price tag.

Best Cordless Screwdriver: Bosch Pocket Driver. Reviews say the 10.8-volt lithium-ion Bosch PS20-2 Pocket Driver distinctly leads the pack of “mini drivers,” outperforming other small drivers and cordless screwdrivers. Its lithium-ion batteries fit up into the handle so it’s very compact; reviews say its 1.6-pound weight makes it a delight to use for most assembly and fastening tasks. It’s designed to handle 85 percent of the driving tasks for which people usually use a much heavier cordless drill. Bosch also makes a budget cordless screwdriver, the 3.6-volt Skil iXO2, but reviews say that if you can afford it, the Pocket Driver is more versatile because of its greater power.

Best Cordless Impact Driver: Bosch 1617EVSPK. The 14.4-volt lithium-ion Bosch 1617EVSPK cordless impact driver gets top ranking in the most recent comparison tests, with praise for both comfort and performance. This is a pro-level, high-end cordless impact driver, but it’s also right for homeowner use since lithium-ion batteries keep their charge well between uses. The variable-speed Panasonic impact driver isn’t the most powerful model available, but reviews say it can handle tasks ranging from small delicate screws to huge six-inch lag bolts. If you don’t specifically need an impact driver (which lessens hand fatigue for big projects), the 15.6-volt NiMH Bosch 1617EVSPK is a regular cordless drill that gets top ratings.

This router is one of the very few, which permits the woodworker to take benefit of both plunge and fixed bases. The base can be quickly changed by releasing the base clamps. Furthermore, the bases have wide (2 inch) openings, which allow the operator better visibility. This is a great asset when it comes to precise centering, as well as, other precision and detailed woodworking.

The power switch on this machine is protected by a dust free covering. Additionally, you can set the switch to either the left or right, to make it easier to operate. A 10-foot cord is a standard feature.

According to owners, this versatile apparatus is one of the best machines they have ever owned. They are quiet, smooth and are able to exceed many owners’ expectations. If you do take the plunge and buy one, you might want to write your own Bosch router reviews.

Treadmills : informations

Treadmills would be the number one machine that enhances cardiovascular muscles and is popular worldwide for home fitness equipment. With the modern day innovation of treadmill machine, you will find good and bad sides in which you have to think about when buying. If you have experience in purchasing without Treadmill reviews until then you may be aware of the cons of most treadmills, maybe since you have read a treadmill review about it. For all those and knows nothing about treadmills this article is meant to show you in how you can make use of the information you read whenever you search online.

There are lots of sites today that discusses treadmills and writes treadmill reviews to market the merchandise towards the audience. It is inevitable that certain treadmill review may sound subjective rather than objective. Which means that most writers write reviews which are biased. But never despair and lose your belief with LifeSpan TR 1200i reviews. What is important is that information is delivered and all you need to do is pick the best information you believe is relevant together with your queries.

Many experts suggest that one must need to do some physical workout daily in order to become healthy. This also keeps our body trim and fit together with the right diet and positive outlook in life. One good thing about this kind of treadmill is that it enhances our cardiovascular health and helps us lose weight as well. There are so many exercise machines in the market today but the Lifestyler treadmill is the no.1 in terms of product reliability and good value for money. Its durability and user friendly features are loved by the consumers and almost all first time physical fitness machine users preferred this kind of treadmill.

It’s also vital that you prepare a list of query of what you need a treadmill for, just how much budget you really can afford along with other modes of payment available. To ensure that when you start to read a treadmill review, either if it’s a biased one, it will likely be easy for you to find the best product within time.

Although I don’t think that all reviews on treadmills are somewhat aggressive. There are still reliable sources of a great treadmill review, that straight forward and completely from a real owner themselves.

Sites like,, and are authority sites where people are liberated to express their gratitude, frustrations and complain on the product. By simply reading at what people say you will be aware whether or not this product you ought to buy is a good one or otherwise.

However the only short coming of the ProForm Pro 2000 review is that about eight of ten testimonials are those who have bad knowledge about the merchandise, either the delivery or the defects they experienced when buying an item. Arrived at consider it, people that are more than pleased with the treadmill they’re buying doesn’t bother sitting down and post a comment concerning the product.

So in reading a treadmill review whether an evaluation page or an actual customer evaluate it is always necessary to be wise enough how you categorize good from bad reviews. Make an effort to that you should keep on reading reviews until you finally get the whole idea. Then you decide which treadmill you should buy and why. Should you may, then read this review on LifeSpan TR 1200i treadmill and find out whether it’s the main one you’re looking for.

The best circular saw review

Getting the best saws requires you shop widely for the available features. It must be powerful enough to undertake any of the intended jobs. To get the best features you may require to read through various circular saw reviews posted by product users as well as technicians who have had contact with the saws. Among the best circular saws in the market today is the Markita 5007F. This makes an ideal choice for both industrial and individual uses.

Product description

The saw comes with a 7 ¼ inch blade. This is long enough to enable the saw cut across wood planks and other material easily. This is further enhanced by the strength of the blade which ensures that you do not have to worry about it being bent and sticking into the pieces you are cutting. With a speed of up to 5800 rpm, it means the saws metal teeth are capable of moving at a speed of 125 miles per hour, a speed high enough to enable it cut effectively.

Advantages of using the circular saws

Available in a wide variety the saws offer an admirable choice for any kind of timer work you are intending to undertake. This is enhanced by the fact that the saw comes with a high speed capability alongside having a strong blade. They are created for DIY purposes a feature that ensures that you are always in a position to use and carry out regular maintenance checks without the need of involving a technician. They are also long-lasting hence once you acquire one you do not require to get back shopping looking for another one. This is one of the strongest saws in the market and can manage to handle work for up to 10 hour in a day meaning it’s a high performer.

Limitations that come with the saw

Compared to the others, the saw has no clear measuring marks. This makes the process tedious more so when you require to cut some set lengths. It also does not have preset angle stops and this makes the adjustment process tedious. If fact it is considered that in using the saw you spend more time on adjustments that you would while cutting.

Getting your work done means you require to have the right tools for the job. In wood cutting there are many tools which are available for use but Makita 5007F surpasses them all. According to various circular saw reviews, its high performance capabilities and strength, it forms the best appliance for use in both domestic and industrial applications.

Angle grinder

Angle grinder, usually known as disc grinder or side grinder, is a powerful handheld tool which is used in grinding, cutting and polishing. This tool can be powered by compressed air, electric motor or petrol engine. This drives a right-angle gear head which can be replace when worn. Some angle grinders can also be used as sanders, provided that it meets the speed range. Backing system of this tool can be made from phenolic resin, hard plastic or medium-hard rubber. Let us know more about angle grinder, angle grinder reviews, Makita 9557PB.
One of the most known models of angle grinder is the Makita 9557PB, a 4-1/2″ Paddle Switch Angle Grinder with special features such as:
· Can be used specifically for heavy professional grinding through a powerful 7.5 AMP
· Comfort from a small diameter barrel grip which ranges from 2“
· Lock-on or off feature
· AC/DC switch for alternative power source usage
· Rotatable gear housing for every 90
There are angle grinder reviews made for the different models aside from the Makita 9557PB. This first review is based on toughness of the angle grinders. The first model that was given a review was the Black & Decker G950 which was ranked with 3 and a half star. Its price is $86 with an 8.5 AMP, a cord length of 79 inches and a weight of 5.8 pounds. According to, people like the model because of “inexpensive yet smooth-running grinder”, however, dislikes were also given because “The lock-on button is too small, inconveniently positioned, and balky”. The second model reviewed; still on the same website was Bosch 1810PS which was ranked with four stars. It costs $107 with an 8 AMP, a cord length of 102 inches and a weight of 5.5 pounds. It was liked for its “built for professionals (or exacting amateurs)” and was disliked due to its “small lock button”. Five other models were reviewed in the above mentioned site. 

On the same website, another angle grinder reviews were made, this time, on the basis of variable speed and can be followed in the link, The first model reviewed was the Ridgid R1005 which costs $100. It has a wood grinding speed of 49 seconds and a weight of 5.5 pounds. The advantage of using this model is the easy wheel guard adjustment while the disadvantage is its power difficulties when used in a more aggressive metal. Another model was reviewed: Bosch 1380 Slim which costs $70. It has a wood grinding speed of 50 seconds and a weight of 4.25 pounds. The advantage of using this is its weight which is relatively lighter than others of its kind yet, this angle grinder does not include a wheel guard adjustment. 

Drill Press Review

The Jet JDP-12 is sold to you with a memorable one liner : powerful enough to do big jobs and portable enough to do them anywhere. The article will look at the numbers associated with this drill to tell that side of the story.

– 1/3 horsepower motor;
– 3-1/8 inch spindle. This length ensures that the spindle can attain a great depth of drilling;
– 100 revolutions per minute (rpm);
– 360 degree head swivel.

These are the numbers that give you an inkling of the performance of this drill. They are impressive, to say the least. When you key in the following words (Drill Press Reviews, Shop Fox W1668,

Jet JDP-12) on any search engine, the following technical information will be availed:

Technical details
– The Jet JDP-12 has the following technical details:
– It has a weight of some 88 pounds and the shipping weight is tagged at 92 pounds;
– Its product dimensions are as follows: 20 x 11.1 x 28.9 inches;
– Its power source is electricity and it has a voltage of some 110 volts;


The drill has attracted both praise and slander in equal measure; the most common are highlighted below:
– Foremost the ability to change drilling speeds without changing the belt location of the pulley. The speed of the drill is changed by a button on the left side of the handle and what is more the speed in rpm of the drill is displayed;
– The laser light on the drill is powered by internal circuitry which means that you do not have to deal with the headache of replacing batteries;
– The third advantage that this drill boasts off is a spring load tip that requires you to keep an inward pressure on the chuck key whilst tightening or loosening the chuck. Non application of pressure means that the chuck key jumps out and you will never leave it behind;
– The last all round praise that this product gathers is the fact that its lowly priced compared to its opposite brand numbers in the market.


The cons that revolve around this product have to do with quality control issues; the loudest outcry, when you check out, Drill Press Reviews, Shop Fox W1668, Jet JDP-12 are summed up below:
Poorly installed parts- LED lights falling off from the socket to poor casting and low speed run out all the negatives that this product receives have to do with either Quality control failures or mishandling of the product during the shipping process. Either way it does irreparable damage to a brand that otherwise gives an above stellar performance. Retailing for the price of $ 800 this is definitely a product that you need to give a second glance.  

Gas pressure washers

Gas pressure washers are specialized sprayers that have been adopted by many people that are used to remove any form of dirt, paints from buildings, vehicles etc. Gas pressure washers have played important role in generator market. However, most people prefer Gas Pressure washer, Generac 6024, Generac 6022. Generac 6022 has a robust frame which makes it suitable to move it from one place to another. The engine is composed of 196cc with a pump situated at the same point. 
This model has the many benefits. It is easy to use because tank content is smaller to ensure that storage is easier. This model is less bulky compared to other models due to less weight and a small tank. Control switches are strategically placed at the top for easier control. Most parts of this model are made up of premium quality products to ensure it long lasts. It is highly durable because it has been fixed with automatic shutdown protection mechanism in a case where fuel or water levels are lower. 
Generac 6022 generates more power of about 4000w like many other types of generators. 4000 W power can be used for other purposes, including lighting, TVs etc. Generated power is used to clean brick walls, paints, buildings, oils stains, trailers, gutters, exteriors, commercial vehicles etc. It has been adopted for business purposes in many garages to clean car surfaces. Due to generation of high power, it cleans surfaces perfectly.
On the other hand Generac 6024 is fantastic. These models have high pressure of about 3000 psi with more power being generated. It allows cleaning of surfaces which cannot be reached as easily. Its nozzles controls amount of pressure produce thus requires regular cleaning of driveways. It is easier to use Generac 6024 machine because its parts are easier to operate. The parts are situated at the top to allow easier operation. Proper directions regarding how to use different operational buttons have been clearly stated making it easier to use. 
Genaric 6024 machines are portable. They are easy to carry from one place to another to perform different jobs. They are fitted with balanced wheels that give it a smooth motion; their tanks are smaller in size thus permitting easier storage of this facility. Its body is balanced properly to allow free and soft movements. Due to its high pressure it can be used in deep cleaning services. It is possible to anti-freeze this model by fixing hose and draining it. Gas pressure washer, Generac 6024, Generac 6022 is the best choices for you. They are efficient, reliable, and durable and save time. 

Electric pressure washers : informations

Cleaning can be a daunting task for many people especially if you are not endowed with the right equipment. Whether you are cleaning your patio or other large buildings, having the right equipment at your disposal will make the work much easier for you. If are tasked with so much cleaning to do but you don’t have sufficient amount of time to get it done, it’s no brainer that a machine or other equipment will come in handy in getting the job done. Bringing closure to so much cleaning job in such a small amount of time is a big reprieve to many people.

In an effort to help you ease the backlog of cleaning jobs, many companies have ventured into the manufacture of electric pressure washers that get the job done in no time. The AR Blue Clean AR383 and the Sun Joe SPX3000 are two of the most trusted electric pressure washers that are in existence today. Many electric pressure water reviews have backed up the two as the major players in the cleaning business.

The AR Blue Clean AR383 runs on has an electric power of about 1900PSI at1.5 GPM which is capable of tackling many washing addition, it produces noise at very manageable levels which is not a nuisance to many people. Furthermore it’s very durable and does not break easily compared to other plastic models. It has a high utility and can do a variety of tasks for you. It’s also very easy to use and delivers very high spray to the area you are washing thus making it rate highly in cleaning. It has a price tag of between 200-250 US dollars.

The Sun Joe SPX3000 on the other hand is equipment that’s suitable for people whose houses have concrete and wooden decks have outdoor furniture and their sidings get easily dirtied. In contrast to its counterpart, you can secure it for less than 200 US dollars which makes it relatively cheaper. It runs on PSI 2030 at 1.76 electric powers. This assists one to choosing any detergent depending on the solution they are in need of for cleaning. In addition it has a dual tank system which allows for simultaneous filling of detergents. With its five interchangeable nozzles you can switch from low to high pressure. In addition it has the Total Stop Technology which turns off its pump when the trigger isn’t engaged. It comes with a two year warranty.
Depending on the nature of your cleaning job, you should shop for a machine that is tandem with your requirements. Don’t just rush to the store and get a machine only to realize it’s of no assistance to use. Do your research first and you will enjoy your cleaning.

All about Drill Press

Much the same as its younger brother, this 12-speed drill press doubles as an oscillating sander that might be utilized for productive form sanding. With more speeds, more power and more capacity this machine turns into a viable device for heavier utilization. The table has a freedom gap for utilization while sanding. This cunning configuration joins a dust accumulation port so your sanding employments are less chaotic. With a 3/4-inch penetrating limit in steel you’ll have the capacity to handle most drilling jobs. 

Tilting Table for Versatility of Applications 

The Shop Fox W1668 offers the capacity to tilt the table 90-degrees to both the left and right. You can alter the table stature and tilt to oblige for work piece tallness or accomplish exceptional penetrating or sanding points. You can likewise move the table off the beaten path and utilize the drill press reviews base as a table for penetrating or sanding. 

Oscillating Feature for Sanding Operation 

One of the incredible peculiarities of the Model W1668 13-1/4-inch Oscillating Drill Press is its sanding capacity. The drill press could be changed over from boring operations to sanding operations in a matter of seconds with simply a couple of hardware free steps. Oscillations minimizes heat buildup and leaves a smooth completion when sanding. This drill press incorporates a 3-piece axle sander drum pack with a mandrel and 80 coarseness sanding paper to fit the 1-Inch, 1-1/2-Inch and 2-Inch drums. 

Expansive Selection 

Shop Fox offers an expansive array of drill presses to suit each need – from little pastime shops to expert machine shop. Interesting wavering models give the comfort of two machines fifty-fifty the space, while outspread drill presses offer unmatched adaptability

This Drill Press has rapidly turned into a standout amongst the most mainstream seat top drill presses for the hobbyist or home shop market. For good reason. 
Right out of the box, after a speedy assembly process that takes around less time, the Jet JDP-12 is ready to drill great, precise holes. You get to revel in the precision of a drill press without taking up all the space. 

The included light is a decent reward on a machine in this class, and was adjusted very nearly right on from the manufacturing plant. One little tweak of the simple conformity pins and it was adjusted superbly. This drill press has a keyed hurl and gives a helpful cut to hold the key in a well at place that is speedy and simple to utilize.

Fit and completion isn’t on a par with the more lavish machines, however the operation is smooth, calm and correct, which is truly all a large portion of us need from our devices. Cleaned and frilly, the Jet JDP-12 is and it is a decent light plan work horse that will serve most home shop carpenters honorably. For the best choice of peculiarities, execution and worth, look no more than Shop Fox.

Wood Lathe JET JWL-1221VS – An Awesome Product

The JET JWL-1221VS is simply an awesome product from JET, the world renowned manufacturer of a huge range of high quality tools and products. It is a wood lathe with variable speed is of highest professional quality and widely known for its superlative control.

The increasing popularity of wood lathes for household jobs has boosted the availability of these machines. Today, these are available as personal computers in a normal household. The incredible capacity of JWL-1221VS makes it a perfect choice for professionals and even hobbyists who love to indulge in DIY jobs.

This RIKON 70-100 wood lathe is available in compact size. No wonder the experts like to refer to the lathe as an ideal option for light as well as medium level wood lathing. Both regular and occasional users can use it to their advantages.

Here are some of the most distinctive characteristics of this wood lathe:
Ground-breaking Ratchet Style Belt Tensioning System
The ratchet style belt system of this wood lathe is unparalleled. It is capable of allowing for a super quick change of belt. However, you can also save time in disassembling the wood lathe and use it for productive work at various other places.

Variable Motor Speed 

The RIKON 70-100 wood lathe is equipped with a 745 W DC motor with variable speed. This can be easily operated through a simple dial turn. The tach is extremely easy to use and facilitates you to set the precise speed you wish to use. It displays error codes in the event where the motor faces a problem. It is interesting yet fascinating that the motor shoots to 3600 from 60 RPM in literally no time. The motor can run in reverse without any requirement for turning the machine off. This saves a huge amount of time. The speed for JWL-1221VS motor is designed specifically to help individuals undertake a wide range of wood jobs.

Out of all wood lathe reviews, this RIKON 70-100 lathe rules. It comes with size, heavier body, wider bed, and brawny head, tail stocks, and banjo. One of the best things about the lathe is that it comes integrated with 24 incredibly integrated indexing positions.

The model comprises of an indexing pin in conjunction with a spindle lock. This facilitates easy removal of threaded accessories.
In case, you are in search of a tabletop lathe to fulfill all of your high quality wood lathing requirements, go for JWL-1221VS. Also read a lot of wood lathe reviews before you do so. 

Jig saw : informations

A jig saw is a power tool made up of a reciprocating saw blade and an electric motor. A jig saw with a bevel function allows you to cut miter joints and angles up to 45 degrees. The following is a jig saw reviews of two very well-known brands according to people who have used the tools.

1. Milwaukee 6268-21 jig saw

The pros

1. Precision cutting A lot of people feel that this tool allows for precision cutting. This is because as you use this tool the vibrations are kept under control and hence this deters wandering cuts. This makes the cut smooth and hustle free.

2. The warranty This tool comes with a very attractive warranty; 5 years. This shows you that the manufacturers of this brand of tool have faith in their equipment.

3. The L.E.D light and dust blower Not everyone is blessed with a sharp eye sight but that should not dismay you anymore as this tool comes with a LED light that allows you to see clearly the lines you are cutting through. Secondly the dust blower blows away the dust from the cut path hence allowing you to concentrate on the more important work.

4. It is comfortable and rests well on the hand Many tools seem too small or big when using them. However, with this tool Milwaukee 6268-21 that should not be a problem anymore as it sits solidly in your hand and allows for a more comfortable and strong grasp.


As with any man made item, this tool does not lack its demerits

1. It is expensive It will cost a little bit higher in terms of price to purchase this tool as compared to the rest of its counterparts.

2. It is heavy It is pretty heavy as compared to other jigsaws. This makes it not ideal for cutting light wood.

2. porter-cable PC600JS


1. It is cheap This jigsaw is cheap as compared to the others in its category so it saves you money.

2. It is comfortable to use Just like its Milwaukee counterpart it rests comfortably on the hand and is easy to use. This reduces the strain on the hand and makes your work easier.

3. It has a LED light and dust blower This tool is not left out when it comes to LED light and dust blower. As with Milwaukee it also comes fitted with a blower and LED light.


1. Blade is not aligned with the body Perhaps this is one of the biggest flaws with this tool. Many people have complained of this problem. This flaw makes it hard to make straight cuts with a guide. This problem reduces a lot of marks for this tool.

2. It has a less powerful motor If you are planning to cut heavy pieces of wood then this is not the kind of tool for you. It is very good on light wood, but when it comes to heavy wood it tries too hard to compete with no success.


Definitely the Milwaukee takes the prize for the best jig saw. This is not to say that porter-cable is not a good tool. It is a good tool but it scores less points overall because of the alignment problem. Overall Milwaukee 6268-21 scores 4 out of 5 while Porter-cable PC600JS scores 3.5-5.