Jig saw : informations

A jig saw is a power tool made up of a reciprocating saw blade and an electric motor. A jig saw with a bevel function allows you to cut miter joints and angles up to 45 degrees. The following is a jig saw reviews of two very well-known brands according to people who have used the tools.

1. Milwaukee 6268-21 jig saw

The pros

1. Precision cutting A lot of people feel that this tool allows for precision cutting. This is because as you use this tool the vibrations are kept under control and hence this deters wandering cuts. This makes the cut smooth and hustle free.

2. The warranty This tool comes with a very attractive warranty; 5 years. This shows you that the manufacturers of this brand of tool have faith in their equipment.

3. The L.E.D light and dust blower Not everyone is blessed with a sharp eye sight but that should not dismay you anymore as this tool comes with a LED light that allows you to see clearly the lines you are cutting through. Secondly the dust blower blows away the dust from the cut path hence allowing you to concentrate on the more important work.

4. It is comfortable and rests well on the hand Many tools seem too small or big when using them. However, with this tool Milwaukee 6268-21 that should not be a problem anymore as it sits solidly in your hand and allows for a more comfortable and strong grasp.


As with any man made item, this tool does not lack its demerits

1. It is expensive It will cost a little bit higher in terms of price to purchase this tool as compared to the rest of its counterparts.

2. It is heavy It is pretty heavy as compared to other jigsaws. This makes it not ideal for cutting light wood.

2. porter-cable PC600JS


1. It is cheap This jigsaw is cheap as compared to the others in its category so it saves you money.

2. It is comfortable to use Just like its Milwaukee counterpart it rests comfortably on the hand and is easy to use. This reduces the strain on the hand and makes your work easier.

3. It has a LED light and dust blower This tool is not left out when it comes to LED light and dust blower. As with Milwaukee it also comes fitted with a blower and LED light.


1. Blade is not aligned with the body Perhaps this is one of the biggest flaws with this tool. Many people have complained of this problem. This flaw makes it hard to make straight cuts with a guide. This problem reduces a lot of marks for this tool.

2. It has a less powerful motor If you are planning to cut heavy pieces of wood then this is not the kind of tool for you. It is very good on light wood, but when it comes to heavy wood it tries too hard to compete with no success.


Definitely the Milwaukee takes the prize for the best jig saw. This is not to say that porter-cable is not a good tool. It is a good tool but it scores less points overall because of the alignment problem. Overall Milwaukee 6268-21 scores 4 out of 5 while Porter-cable PC600JS scores 3.5-5.